[Online, NEW] Malaysia E-Invoicing Framework – Mechanism, Process And Planning
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  • 26-Jul-2024
  • Online
  • Zaiyani Abd Malik
  • English
  • RM 700 RM 670
    Until 22 Jul 2024
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm

Latest Update (June 2024)



In response to the burgeoning digital economy, the Government of Malaysia is spearheading the implementation of E-Invoicing in phases. This strategic move is aimed at bolstering the efficiency of tax administration management in alignment with the objectives outlined in the Twelfth Malaysia Plan. The plan emphasizes the reinforcement of digital services infrastructure and the digitalization of tax administration processes. 

E-Invoicing facilitates instantaneous or near-instantaneous validation and storage of transactions, catering to a spectrum of interactions including B2B, B2C, and B2G transactions. With its impending mandatory implementation, businesses are strongly urged to commence preparations in advance. 

Starting from July 2025, E-Invoicing will be obligatory for all taxpayers, irrespective of their sales thresholds. It is imperative for businesses to proactively equip themselves with the necessary understanding and readiness for Malaysian e-invoicing, comprehending its implications and operational nuances. 

This course aims to equip participants with the essential knowledge and skills required for navigating the realm of E-Invoicing effectively. Participants will gain insights into crucial aspects such as determining the appropriate instances for issuing E-Invoices to customers for revenue capture, issuing self-bill invoices for cost capture, and recognizing scenarios where suppliers are exempted from E-Invoice issuance. 



Upon completion of this program, participants will acquire these:
• The simplified E-Invoicing concepts by presenting them in a clear and accessible manner for taxpayers to easily understand and implement 

• Step-by-step guidance on key aspects of E-Invoicing, including implementation, compliance, and recordkeeping, to ensure taxpayers can follow a structured approach in meeting their obligations 

• Practical examples to illustrate real-life scenarios, demonstrating how E-Invoicing requirements can be applied in different business contexts 

• Gain proficiency in the operational mechanics of E-Invoicing, including validation and storage of transactions 

• Identify the requisite conditions for issuing E-Invoices to customers for revenue capture and self-bill invoices for cost capture 

• Acquire the skills necessary to navigate scenarios where suppliers are exempted from E-Invoice issuance 

• Integrate E-Invoice mechanisms seamlessly into daily accounting and business operations 

• Guidance to assist taxpayers in assessing their readiness for E-Invoicing implementation and monitor compliance 



A combination of interactive lectures, case studies, hands-on exercises, and group activities. 



Business owners, Directors, management team, executives and all those involved in invoicing, IT, accounting, sales, purchases, project and company taxation. 



Date:    26 July 2024 (Fri)
Time:    9.00am - 5.00pm
Mode:    Online/ Interactive


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Module 1: E-Invoicing Guideline 

• What is E-Invoicing
• File Format Accepted by e-Invoicing System 

• Benefits of Adopting E-Invoicing
• Who is Affected by E-Invoicing?
• E-Invoicing Application 

Module 2: Usage of E-Invoicing 

• Scenario Requiring E-Invoicing to be issued 

• Purposes of Invoice
• Types of E-Invoicing 

Module 3: Implementation of E-Invoicing 

• Mandatory Implementation Timeline
• Voluntary Implementation
• Exemptions from Implementing E-Invoicing
• Overview of E-Invoicing Workflow
• E-Invoicing Models
• Overview of E-Invoicing Workflow via MyInvois Portal and API
• The Impacts in the Current Process due to Mandatory e-Invoicing 

• E-Invoicing Model via MyInvois Portal 

Module 4: Self-billed E-Invoicing 

• When to Issue Self-billed E-Invoicing?
• Cross-border Transaction
• Goods Sold or Services Rendered by Foreign Seller to 

Malaysian Purchaser 

Module 5: Consolidated E-Invoicing 

• What is Consolidated E-Invoicing? 

• Example of Receipts to Buyers 

Module 6: E-Invoicing for Staff Claims 

• Staff Claims 

Module 7: E-Invoicing Offences 

• Offences for failing to comply with E-Invoicing 

Module 8: Exercise 

• Practical exercise with LHDN E-invoicing 

End of Training 




HRD Corp Accredited Trainer 

Zaiyani has more than 15 years managing full sets of accounts in various industries such as oil & gas, manu- facturing, trading, logistics and others. 

She is a HRDC & NCS Certified Trainer who hold Bache- lor's Degree in Finance from UiTM, and spent many years in managerial posts preparing financial report and statement. She is a hands-on expert in multiple accounting software including SAP, SQL, AS400, Sage, Xero, Quickbooks, Zoho Books. 

She is the founder of a company that focus on providing accounting services, training and consultation, also food retail & services. 

Her other roles such as Treasurer and Board Member in few Koperasi and NGOs, as well as Treasurer of Thames Oxford Academy NCS Alumni. 


Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance) (Hons) 

• AUSTIN PEAY STATE UNIVERSITY, TENNESSEE, USA Professional Diploma in Bookkeeping & Accounting 

• UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA Diploma in Investment Analysis 


• Perodua Manufacturing Sdn Bhd 

• Telekom Malaysia Berhad
• Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd
• Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 

• Alliance Bank Malaysia
• Construction Industry
• Development Board (CIDB)
• Wasco Coating Malaysia Sdn Bhd
• Pertubuhan Peladang Kebangsaan (NAFAS) 

• BBD Lifestyle Group Sdn Bhd
• Now Asia International Sdn Bhd
• AFK Asia Group Sdn Bhd
• Marketbless International
• Sime Darby Plantation
• GGS Eurotech Sdn Bhd 



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