[Subang, NEW] Mastering E-Invoicing Systems: Operational Strategies And Software Applications
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  • 25-Jul-2024
  • Dorsett Grand Subang
  • N. Selvam
  • English
  • RM 990 RM 940
    Until 21 Jul 2024
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm

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In today's dynamic business landscape, the adoption of e-Invoicing stands as a pivotal step towards streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks. 

This course is meticulously designed to provide practical insights into the operational and software application aspects of Malaysia IRBM’s e-Invoicing implementation. 



• IT professionals specializing in software integration, development, and customization 

• Finance and accounting professionals seeking practical expertise in e-Invoicing software implementation 

• Business owners, managers, and administrators responsible for operational efficiency and compliance 

• Consultants and advisors guiding organizations through e-Invoicing implementation and software selection 

• Entrepreneurs and startups aiming to capitalize on digital transformation opportunities 



• Master the practical application of e-Invoicing software within Malaysian regulatory frameworks 

• Navigate through the intricacies of e-Invoice implementation, from initial preparation to seamless integration with existing systems 

• Gain hands-on experience in utilizing e-Invoicing software for submission, validation, and monitoring of invoices 

• Understand the nuances of e-Invoice models, including MyInvois Portal, API integration, MDEC, PEPPOL and more 

• Learn software field mapping techniques and forms required for e-Invoice compliance 

• Explore the role of Software Development Kits (SDKs) in customizing e-Invoicing solutions to meet organizational needs 

• Engage with independent technology providers and integrate their solutions with existing systems effectively 



• Acquire practical skills to efficiently manage e-Invoicing processes, leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency 

• Ensure seamless compliance with Malaysian regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of penalties and non-compliance issues 

• Enhance data security and privacy monitoring through software-based solutions endorsed by IRBM 

• Optimize accounting software for e-Invoice compatibility and streamline field mapping processes 

• Facilitate smooth communication and collaboration with technology providers, fostering innovation and growth 

• Empower stakeholders with the knowledge and tools to navigate complex e-Invoicing scenarios, such as cross-border transactions and self-billed invoices 

• Harness the power of e-Invoicing software to adapt to industry-specific requirements, including healthcare, construction, telecommunications, e-commerce, and petroleum operations 

• Drive organizational agility and competitiveness by leveraging technology to transform invoicing processes 



Date:         25 July 2024 (Thu)
Time:         9.00am - 5.30pm
Venue:      Dorsett Grand Subang


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Chapter 1 - Introduction to e-Invoice

• What is e-Invoice

• Key regulations for e-invoicing in Malaysia

• Before and after implementation of e-Invoice

• How does e-Invoicing work. A bird’s eye view

• e-Invoice File Types

• Implementation timelines

• Determination of annual turnover

• Why is the Government implementing e-Invoice

• How will companies benefit from e-Invoice

• Who is affected

• Who is exempted

• Scenarios requiring e-Invoice to be issued

• Cases where e-Invoice not required

• Transitional Period and Non-Compliance

• Incentives

• Types of e-Invoices to be issued

• Does e-Invoice ONLY apply for transactions in Malaysia

• Will there be any engagement sessions with IRBM

• E-Invoice Guidelines and FAQ


Chapter 2 - Getting Ready for e-Invoice

• Initial preparation for the e-Invoice implementation

• Check List

• Allocate a Budget. Implementation comes with a price

• e-Invoice Submission

• e-Invoice: A simple perspective

• Emergence of 2 new business because of e-Invoice

• Some things you need to know about e-Invoice


Chapter 3 - E-Invoice Flow by IRBM

• Typical e-Invoice flow as per IRBM Guidelines

• E-Invois Model

• e-Invoice model through the usage of MyInvois Portal

• e-Invoice model via API



• Validation of e-Invoice

• QR Code


Chapter 4 - Data Security

• Data Security and Privacy Monitoring by IRBM


Chapter 5 - Fields in e-Invoice as per IRBM

• Fields required for e-Invoice


Chapter 6 - Accounting Software

• Accounting Software for e-Invoice

• Software Field Mapping and Forms


Chapter 7 – Software Development Kit (SDK)

• What is SDK

• IRBM Field Mapping


Chapter 8 - Independent Technology Providers

• What can Technology Providers offer

• Integrating your system with the Technology Provider Solution


Chapter 9 - Issuance of E-Invoice relating to various situations

• Foreign Suppliers & Custom Clearance

• Inter Company / Inter Division / Inter Department

• Consumers & Consolidated e-Invoice

• Consumers where Consolidated e-Invoice disallowed

• Statements or bills on a periodic basis

• Disbursements & Reimbursements

• Employment Prequisites & Benefits

• Expenses Incurred by Employee on Behalf of the Employer

• Self-billed e-Invoice (Type of Transactions)

• Self-billed e-Invoice (Property Rental)

• Self-billed e-Invoice (Payment to Agent, Dealer or Distributor)

• Cross Border Transactions

• Profit Distribution

• Foreign Income

• Currency Exchange Rate

• E-Commerce Transactions


Chapter 10 - Appendix

• Appendix for easy reference


Chapter 11 - Glossary

• Terms associated with e-Invoice Malaysia





HRDF Certified Trainer, Excel & Tableau Expert, Author, Chartered Accountant

N. Selvam is a Member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), Chartered Institute of Managements (CIMA), Chartered Global Management Accountant.

(CGMA) and a Certified Software Consultant. He runs a software consulting firm for over 30 years.

When Malaysia implemented GST, he was an authority on analysing the GST Audit File (GAF) using Excel. He conducted over 300 hands-on training session for MIA, CIMA, Customs and many big corporations.

He lectured for more than 6 years in a local university on Computerized Accounting and wrote 5 Users Guides. He is also the author of the book "SQL for Non-Technical Users Volume 1". In 2019, he was given TTT exemptions by HRDF. In 2020, he published two books on “Data Visualization with Tableau for Beginners” and he is now working on Volume 3.





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