[Shah Alam, NEW] Developing Objectives And Quantifiable Metrics To Elevate Clarity And Optimize Tale
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  • 05-Mar-2024
  • Glenmarie Hotel & Golf Resort, Shah Alam
  • Anthony Tan
  • English
  • RM 2,600 RM 2,500
    Until 29 Feb 2024
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm



At the heart of every organization lies its talent pool, a vital asset especially in today’s dynamic and unpredictable market landscape. Achieving clarity in the workplace isn’t merely important; it’s imperative.

The first crucial step towards establishing workplace clarity involves talents setting clear and balanced performance objectives, underpinned by measurable metrics. This is non-negotiable.

In our current time-sensitive scenario, where time is a luxury we cannot afford, the traditional approach becomes impractical. Talented individuals no longer need to endure laborious and time-consuming methods to establish meaningful performance outcomes. Moreover, creating performance outputs is no longer equivalent to rocket science.

This 2-day workshop has been intricately designed to provide organizations with a pragmatic, time-efficient, and highly effective technological framework for seamless implementation.

Its primary focus is on empowering talents to adeptly craft clear objective supported by quantifiable performance metrics, fostering a swift and streamlined approach to achieving optimal performance outcomes. 





• Grasp the essentials of managing Talent Performance Results 

• Acquire proficiency in utilizing Technology Driven Solutions

 ○ To craft a Balanced Set of Performance Objective Statements supported by a comprehensive set of Performance Metrics

 ○ To use various methods for establishing Quantifiable Target Ranges for any type of Performance Metric

 ○ To create sets of objectives, performance metrics, and target ranges tailored to specific Job Positions

• Learn fundamentals of the Performance Distribution Framework and carrying out Performance Assessment Exercise

 ○ Work Performance

 ○ Competency Performance 




• Senior Human Resource Managers and Senior Management involved in Talent Development

• Organization Performance Transformation team

• Managers and Executives involved in driving and tracking Performance Results 




• An Innovative Learning Paradigm using cutting edge Multi-Dimensional Learning Platform. It enables continuous learning at the workplace.

• A Powerful easy-to-use Smart Tool with built-in customizable Library of Objective Statements and Performance Metrics. This allows user to quickly and effectively develop a clear set of Objective Statements and Performance Metrics from the Smart Tool.

• A Comprehensive ready-to-use library of Job Positions with built-in Objective Statements, Performance Metrics and Target Ranges. This allows the user to immediately create a set of Objective Statements and Performance Metrics with Target Ranges on the go. 




Date:         5-6 Mar 2024 (Tue-Wed)

Time:         9.00am - 5.00pm

Venue:      Glenmarie Hotel & Golf Resort, Shah Alam



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Module 1: Orientation and Knowledge Assessment

• Program Objectives and Learning Method

• Knowledge Assessment Exercise: Presentation and Analysis 

• Performance Management: Current Context


Module 2: Orientation and Knowledge Assessment

• Fundamental of Performance Measurement in the contact of Talent and Organization

• Performance Management Distribution Framework: An Introduction


Module 3: Developing a Balanced Set of Objective Statements and Performance Metrics

• Definition Clarity: BSC, OKR, KRA, KFA and KPI

• 4-Steps to Develop a Balanced Set of Objective Statements

and Performance Metrics

• Managing and Customizing Objective Statements and

Performance Metrics Library

• Output Development Exercise: Presentation and Analysis



Module 4: Setting Target and Target Ranges

• Current issues affecting organization in the area of Target Setting 

• The importance of setting a Well-Defined Target

• 3-Steps to Quantitative Target Setting

• Target Setting Exercise: Review and Analysis


Module 5: Generating Work Performance Outputs by Job Position

• Work Performance Outputs by Job Position Library: An Introduction

• Output Development Exercise: Presentation, Review and Customization


Module 6: Performance Assessment and Other Considerations

• Holistic Approach in Managing and Driving Performance 

 ○ Work Performance

 ○ Competency Performance 

 ○ Other Contributions

• Competency Proficiency Assessment Model: An Introduction

• Human Capital Performance Assessment Exercise: An Overview

• Holistic Performance Management Appraisal Form: An Introduction 






HRD Corp Certified Trainer, Performance Management Expert


Anthony Tan, graduated with honours in Civil Engineering and Management Studies from the University of Leeds in 1982, is the Founder as well as Principle Owner of Top Foresight and A Senior Lead Consultant specializing in the field of Performance Management. A certified Strategic Management and Balanced Scorecard Professional from Balanced Scorecard Institute and George Washing- ton University and with more than 16 years of practical consulting experience working with organizations of different industries in the area of Organization Strategic Implementation, it has provided him with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the real performance management problems and issues associated with managing today’s organization in a challenging business environment. He is Highly Experienced and a Competent Facilitator with Great Analytical Skills. One of a few consultants who has real practical experience in full implementation of Performance Management Solution through:

• Conducting corporate strategic review exercise

• Developing and Cascading of performance metrics through the use of the balanced scorecard methodology

• Aligning of corporate KPIs to Individual KPIs

• Implementing Performance Management System

In carrying his consulting work as well as facilitating and conducting workshops, he is able to draw on his insights, experience from the work that he has carried out for a wide range of industries and using technological driven learning science to impart on the knowledge and guidance on developing practical and usable solutions.





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