[Online, 2-Day] Digital Marketing | Zero to Hero
Course Information
  • 22-Feb-2024
  • Online
  • Calvyn Lee
  • English
  • RM 1,390
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm



‘Digital Marketing is no longer an experimental strategy.... It’s the new industry standard for connecting with your target audience.’

This training is suitable for sales & marketing personnel who need basic to intermediate skills in digital marketing. It is also useful to business owners who come from a traditional marketing background.





After attending this training, you will appreciate and be able to apply the skills learnt to:

      a) Elevate Brand Awareness
      b) Lead Generation

      c) Target Customers
      d) Retain existing customers
      e) Increase Sales/ Profit
      f) Expand Market
      g) Generate more Website Traffic
      i) Improve conversions
      j) Promotion for new products & services

      k) Create an effective Online Presence





By the end of the training, participants will be able to:


       - Understand the fundamentals of Digital Business

       - Organize frameworks and plan approaches to market product/ services on digital platform effectively

       - Understand various digital marketing tools, leverage them to improve online presence

       - Planning & developing marketing content that works well with target audience

       - Learn to measure ad impact, and to improvise the sales approaches through social media

       - Gaining graphic design skills by being exposed to designing a social media post, cover photo, graphics for website, and social media copywriting

       - Ability to create a landing page as a call-to action for social media post

       - Understanding how website works and how to optimize for better search engine ranking





This course is suitable for:


       - Small Business Owner

       - Sales & Marketing Personnel

       - Entrepreneur and Start-ups

       - Marketing Manager

       - Digital Marketing Specialist

       - Marketing Consultant

       - Individuals who are interested in learning digital marketing





       - Stable Internet Access (At least 10Mbps above)

       - Valid Email ID (either Personal/Business)

       - Valid Facebook Account

       - Valid Instagram Account

       - Dual monitor will have an advantage for better learning experience

       - Having a product or service to promote





During this 2 day class, the trainer will guide you through key aspects of digital marketing.  Through hands-on guidance, participants will have a chance to get a grip on various digital marketing tools, including:

       - Setting up & optimizing social media page/ account

       - Setting up landing pages

       - Attaching opt-in form with email marketing tools, and

       - Off-page optimization





Date:    22-23 Feb 2024 (Thu-Fri)

Time:    9.00am - 5.00pm

Mode:   Online/ Interactive

Level:   Basic/ Intermediate


FEE:  [HRD Corp Claimable]


   - Early Bird Offer (by 4 Feb 2024) - RM 1,250

   - Special Offer (by 18 Feb 2024) - RM 1,320

   - Normal Fee - RM 1,390


>> Fee includes Course Notes, Certificate of Completion and 6% Service Tax.


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- 10% Cashback for SST2u Learner Card+ (SLC+) members. T&Cs applied.


HRDCorp Claimable Course:
Trainer MyCoiD: 429594X
Course Scheme: HRDCorp Claimable Course
Course Type: Remote Online Training (Public)
Course Code: 10001142385




[01] Fundamental of Digital Marketing

Topics include:

• Conventional Marketing vs Digital Marketing Type of Digital

• Marketing Channel

• Your Unique Selling Proposition

• Know Your Customer

• Marketing Mix

• Create Digital Footprint

• Creating Authority Online

• Know Your Digital Marketing Tools

• Power of Copywriting (Bonus)

[02] Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Topics Include:

• Introduction to Social Media
• Social Media Content Strategies

• Facebook Marketing
• Instagram For Business


[03] Website Marketing

Topics Include:

• Introduction to Website Design and Development

• Advantage of using Website for Business
• Choose Your Business Website Platform
• Generating Income through Website Marketing


[04] Email Marketing

Topics Include:

• Introduction to Email Marketing

• Lead Capture Strategies
• Building Email Database


[05] Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Topics Include:

• Understanding Search Engine Optimization

• On Page Optimization
• Off Page Optimization
• White Hat vs Black Hat (Bonus)







08.30-09.00  Registration

09.00-10.30  Foundation To Digital Marketing

10.30-11.00  Morning Break

11.00-12.30  Foundation To Digital Marketing (Continue)

12.30-13.30  Lunch Break

13.30-15.00  Social Media Marketing

15.30-16.00  Tea Break

16.00-17.30  Social Media Marketing (Continue) 



08.30-09.00  Registration

09.00-10.30  Website Marketing

10.30-11.00  Morning Break

11.00-12.30  Website Marketing (Continue)

12.30-13.30  Lunch Break

13.30-15.00  Email Marketing

15.30-16.00  Tea Break

16.00-17.30  Search Engine Optimization 





Digital Marketing Trainer, eUsahawan Certified Trainer

HRD Corp Certified Trainer


Calvyn Lee is a Digital Marketing Trainer and a marketing practitioner since 2007. He has accumulated vast experience in online marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, drop-shipping, e-commerce and social media marketing.  He graduated from University Tunku Abdul Rahman in 2006, and has worked for a Fortune 500 company. In 2018, Calvyn was appointed as a certified Digital Marketing Trainer by MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation). Under eUsahawan program, an initiative to educate Malaysians on digital entrepreneurship, he helped entrepreneur to succeed in digital platforms.  In the past 2 years, he has trained over 1,000 individual & SMEs, offered consultation on digital transformation and bring client’s businesses to the next level.

He holds the following certifications:
• HRDF TTT (TTT/24262) , 2019
• eUsahawan Certified Trainer (2018)
• Microsoft Adverting Certified Professional (2018, 2019)

• Google Ads Search Certified (2014, 2020)





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   - Teo (011 - 3178 9203)

   - Logesh (012 - 503 0346)

   - Siti (012 - 383 8603)

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