[Puchong, NEW] Navigating Global Trade: Mastering International Payment Methods
Course Information
  • 29-Feb-2024
  • CPD Academy, RIO Puchong
  • Aeris Chow
  • English
  • RM 880
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm


Navigating the complex landscape of international payment methods is fraught with challenges that can significantly impact the financial health and operational efficiency of businesses engaged in global trade. Missteps in selecting the appropriate payment mechanism can lead to increased risks, such as payment default, fraud, or costly delays. Companies often struggle with understanding the intricacies of Letters of Credit, managing the nuances of Cash in Advance, or ensuring the security of transactions under Open Account terms. The varying degrees of control and risk between the buyer and seller across different methods further complicate the decision-making process, necessitating a thorough grasp of all available options.


This course is designed to address these challenges by equipping profession- als with the knowledge to make informed decisions about payment strategies. Understanding each payment method's risks, benefits, and procedural flow is crucial for mitigating financial exposure and enhancing negotiation leverage. This course provides a deep dive into the mechanisms of international payments, from Letters of Credit to Documentary Collections, offering best practices and real-world applications. Participants will gain confidence in managing cross-border transactions, leading to more secure, efficient, and profitable trade relationships.





   - Define the key terms and concepts related to international payment methods, including Letters of Credit, Cash in Advance, Open Accounts, Documentary Collections, and Consignment

   - Explain the processes, advantages, and potential risks associated with each payment method, elucidating their impact on international trade transactions

   - Apply critical thinking to select the most appropriate payment method for different types of international trade scenarios, taking into account various risk factors and trade agreements

   - Analyze real-case scenarios to identify the optimal payment solution, understanding the intricacies and procedural flows of each method

   - Implement best practices in managing international payment methods to ensure secure, efficient, and compliant trade transactions





   - International Trade Managers
   - Finance and Accounting Managers

   - Export and Import Specialists
   - Supply Chain Managers
   - Small Business Owners
   - Legal Counsel
   - Logistics Professionals

   - Customs and Trade Compliance Officers

   - Procurement Managers
   - Risk Management Professionals

   - Sales and Marketing Executives

   - Consultants and Advisors





Lectures, interactive discussions, case studies, real-life scenarios sharing, assessments and group presentation





Date:         29 Feb 2024 (Thu)

Time:         9.00am - 5.00pm

Venue:      CPD Academy, RIO Puchong



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8.30 am  Welcome and Registration


9.00 am  Module 1: Introduction to International Payment Methods
• Overview of International Payment Methods
• Risk Factors in International Payments
• Payment Terms & International Trade Vocabulary 


10.15 am Morning Tea Break


10.30 am Module 2: Letter of Credit (LC)

• Parties involved in Letter of Credit

• Letter of Credit Process Flow
• Pros and Cons for Letter of Credit


12.30 pm Lunch Break


1.30 pm Module 3: Cash In Advance (CIA)

• Common Scenarios to use Cash In Advance

• Cash In Advance Process Flow
• Pros and Cons for Cash In Advance


2.30 pm Module 4: Open Account

• Introduction to Open Account
• Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Account

• Best Practices for Open Account Transactions


3.15 pm Afternoon Tea Break


3.30 pm Module 5: Documentary Collection

• Understanding Documentary Collection Types

• Documents Against Payment Details
• Documents Against Acceptance Details


4.15 pm Module 6: Consignment

• Introduction to Consignment
• Pros and Cons of Consignment
• Managing Consignment Transactions Effectively


4.50 pm Q&As Session


5.00 pm End of Training






International Business Consultant, HRD Corp Accredited Trainer


Aeris Chow is a seasoned professional in the field of International Trade Business. With close to 20 years of expertise in both local and multinational companies, she has honed her skills in various areas, including shipment management, customer management, sales and marketing.

Aeris Chow holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Distinction from Inti International University, and the esteemed Certified Export Professional (CEP) designation from the European International University.

She is also a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and earned both the Competent Leader (CL) and Competent Communicator (CC) desig- nations in Toastmasters International Leadership Program. She was Vice President of Education (VPE) for the Puchong English Toastmasters Club.

Aeris routinely shares her knowledge related to import & export business and socio-economic matters on social media, and has an ever growing followers.





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