[Online] Effective Credit Control For Accounts Executives
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  • 06-Jun-2023
  • Online
  • Winson Han
  • English
  • RM 700 RM 650
    Until 01 Jun 2023
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm


Credit Control is a key function in any company that has to deal with credit sales. This is more so in any economic crisis, and the role of credit control cannot be overemphasized. While revenue and profit are important, cash flow is equally important if not more at this time. Uncollected sales or worst bad debts may threaten the survival of a company if not managed timely and effectively.

This function is an integral part of the Finance Department which is responsible for the overall management of funds within the company. However, this function in an SME may not be well defined and the responsibility may in most cases fall upon on the accounts department. However, the accounts executive / HOD and his staff may be ill-equipped to handle the function due to the lack of skills and understanding of credit play in the overall scheme of things in an organization.  With the right skill sets, the accounts executive and his staff can play an effective role in this critical function by balancing between revenue, profit, and cash flow. This seminar aims to provide an understanding of credit risks, warning signs, tools, and strategies to be adopted both in the 2 key aspects of credit control - credit screening and collections.



• Understand the impact of trade debts on cash flow and profitability
• Improve cash flow through effective credit risk management

• Learn to establish effective credit and collection policies
• Acquire negotiation and problem-solving techniques

• Identify insolvency signs and take appropriate action



• Business owners and entrepreneurs
• Company directors
• Finance Managers and executives
• Accountants and Accounts Executives
• Business managers / executives from all departments

• Anyone involved in credit control




Date :    6 June 2023 (Tue)

Time :    9.00am - 5.00pm

Mode:    Online/ Interactive




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[01] Understanding Credit Risk

• Defining credit risk
• Working Capital and Cash Flow
• Business Activity Cycle and Funding Gap


[02] Managing Bad Debt Risk

• The credit screening process

• Credit Management Tools
• Credit application form
• Credit Scoring system

• Credit audit / review


[03] Financial Analysis and Business Failure

• Financial statements and SSM report

• Key financial indicators
• Identifying warning signs


[04] Managing Cash Flow Risk

• Customer management strategy

• Framework for collection activities

• Negotiation and problem solving


[05] Review and Conclusion





- Chartered Accountant, Consultant, HRDF Certified Trainer


Winson is a Chartered Accountant by profession and has over 40 years of experience having served in various roles as practicing accountant, company secretary, financial controller and management consultant. He presently consults and advises companies to better manage their businesses through an integrated process covering strategic planning; tactical design, planning (financial and otherwise) and implementation; and monitoring, review and analysis. He also consults on SST/ GST for covering compliance and implementation. He is a Customs approved GST tax agent. Besides consulting, Mr. Han is also actively involved in conducting public and in-house seminars targeting the non-financial audience in financial management and analysis, financial planning & budgeting, cost management, SST/GST and credit and cash flow management.

He is a PSMB (HRDF) certified trainer and holds a degree in commerce from New Zealand and is a member of the newly merged institute known as “Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand” and Malaysian Institute of Accountants.



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