[Puchong, NEW] Materials Management In Supply And Demand Chain
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  • 06-Jun-2023
  • CPD Academy, Rio Puchong
  • Stephen Kum
  • English
  • RM 1560 RM 1480
    Until 29 May 2023
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm



Materials management has been a major contribution factor to most organization being a total conceptual approach unifying the systematic flow and control of materials from identification of the need through customer fulfilment. 

Hand in hand, the framework of supply and demand chain orientation provides a tactical step to take up the processes further into the goals of the organization starting from supplier’s source to consumer’s supply.




Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to: 

  • Understanding the principles and practices of materials management in and out of an organization. 
  • Familiarizing the application and execution tools in the integration of materials management interfaces. 
  • Learning the roadmap in developing an effective materials management meeting the targeted objectives 





All frontlines and supervisory personnel from: 

• Finance
• Costing
• Planning
• Purchasing 

• Supplying 

• Ordering
• Production 

• Distribution 





A workshop-based seminar with interactive activities and group assignment. Delivered with power-points presentation and simplified training manuals. 





Date:     6-7 June 2023 (Tue-Wed)

Time:     9:00am - 5:00pm

Venue:   CPD Academy, Rio Puchong



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Module 1 - General Introduction 

  • The General Management in relation to Materials Function 
  • The factors of production from the scope of input of  resources to management processes resulting goods and services outputs 
  • The criteria of spending activity into a profit centre within an economic cycle 
  • The principle of materials custodian in departmental roles to materials user 


 Module 2 – Functional Management in Materials Flow 

• The Functional Management as applied to Materials Flow 

• The major materials function of planning, organizing, staffing., directing and controlling within an organization 

• The categorization of materials management from pricing, inventory, supply, record, storage and relationship 


Module 3 - Materials Objectives 

  • The Materials Objectives Management of an organization 
  • The major alignment factors of make-or-buy outsourcing, standardization-simplification process and product improvement-enhancement design 
  • The challenges of holding down prices 
  • Assurance reliability and regulating of inventory 
  • Optimizing and leveraging operating costs throughout the supply chain 


Module 4 – Major Activities and Areas 

  • The Materials Management of Major Activities and Areas 
  • The spheres of activities span from: 

○ Inventory control
○ Purchasing
○ Storekeeping
○ Distributing with inbound and outbound logistics proficiency 

  • The activities costs factors captured in the order processing, inventory holding, packing and packaging, transportation and cost due to wastage 






Module 5 - The Applied Management of an Integrated Operation

  • The implementation of coordination and accountability 
  • The improvement of productivity and inventory control 
  • The effectiveness of classification and codification 
  • The organizational approaches of supplier involvement and consensus development 
  • The cross functional team contributions to the issues of specification 


Module 6 – The Budgeting Management in Material Planning 

  • The relational criteria of budget variations and related processes 
  • The importance of a master budget 
  • The macro and micro factors of materials planning 
  • The familiarization of material requirement planning concept in the forecast issues for calculation of material requirement 


Module 7 - Managing the Disposal of Surplus, Obsolete & Scrap 

  • The primary objectives of materials disposal from knowledge of market, alternative usage of surplus and knowledge of slow moving items 
  • The grouping of items and their treatment from consumables to spares and the implementation of the ABC analysis framework for outsourced items 


 Module 8 – Performance Features in Materials Management 

  • The principles and operatives of appraisal from identification of weak spots, training needs and enabling cost effectiveness across inter firms and intra firms 
  • The performance appraisal in receiving stores 
  • Evaluation of the purchasing roles and functions 
  • Evaluation of inventory control and reporting of evaluation indice







HRD Corp Certified Trainer


Stephen Kum graduated with Master of Business Administration from Newport University, United States. He is a fellow of the Institute of Freight Forwarders (UK), The Institute of Logistics & Transport (UK), The Institute of Business Administration (UK), Professional Member of Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society and former Vice Chairman of Persatuan Logistik Selangor. 

He has more than 28 years of hands-on experience in the field of international trade, global procurement, freight and logistics supply chain management. His consultancy expertise relates to implementing logistics strategy, criteria in selection of carriers, supply chain integration and Incoterms contracts. 

He held various senior positions as Managing Director of a global logistics service provider with regional offices in United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Asia. On contractual appointment, he was the Country Manager with Esprit Shipping (HK), Sales Director with Karl Schroff Associate (US) and Regional Manager with Port Cargo Ltd (UK). His affiliation includes Cambridge International College (UK) as their Logistic Program Examiner and Durham Logistics College (UK) as their Program Consultant. Currently, a Resident Consultant for SCS Consulta- tion Services (UK) and TPL Global Chains 

Management (US).

He has been involved in corporate training and development since 2002 for manufacturers, multinational companies, trade associations and trade and tourism divisions of foreign embas- sies. He has developed various freight forwarding programs for Institute Technology Multimedia, logistics programs for Sentral City Institute and post graduate programs in supply chain management for Camden University and export trade manage- ment for Metropolitan University. 





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