[Kuala Lumpur] Personality Profile Assessment For Managers - The Maxwell DISC Method
Course Information
  • 23-Jun-2020
  • Pullman Hotel, Bangsar
  • Toh Siew Pat
  • English
  • RM 910
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm

Your individual personality affects every aspect of your life. That’s why one of the best things you can do to grow yourself and others is to understand your personality and what naturally drives you. When you recognize your strengths and weaknesses, you are able to give your best as you work with people
around you.

Everyone you encounter is motivated differently, communicates differently, views tasks and relationships differently. The Maxwell DISC (Dominant, Influencing, Steady & Compliant) Profile Workshop will help you achieve greater success when you learn to value your strengths as well as those of others.

• Apply the Law of Awareness to recognize your strengths and limitations.
• Overcome your shortcomings and clear the path for personal and professional growth.
• Understand how others are different and how to work with each personality.
• Build a stronger team that communicates, appreciates the style of others and works well together.
• Learn effective strategies for handling conflict and personality clashes.
• Develop yourself and others to be their best.

This course will be suitable for senior management staff, managers, heads of department, section managers, line managers, supervisors and new employees who want to have a better understanding of their own personality, strengths and weaknesses and how to improve their communication and interpersonal skills.

• Presentation & discussions.
• Q & A sessions.
• Individual & Group work exercises.
• Role play.


DATE: 23 June 2020 (Tue)
VENUE: Pullman Hotel, Bangsar


FEE: Early Bird Offer (before 3 May 2020) - RM 750
Special Offer (before 19 May 2020) - RM 830
Normal Fee - RM 910

>> Fee includes RM200 Maxwell DISC Online Assessment with Complete Report, Course Notes, Lunch, Refreshments/ Tea Breaks, Certificate of Attendance & 6% Government Service Tax

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Module 1: Introduction.
• DISC theory and how it relates to behavior.
• How DISC helps you:-
o to be a better communicator.
o to minimize or prevent conflicts.
o to better appreciate others
o to positively influence others

Module 2: The Maxwell DISC personality assessment.
• Participants will take an online Maxwell DISC personality assessment.

Module 3: Your Behavior Style.
• What are your fears.
• What are your expectations when others communicate with you.
• How you analyze information.
• What are the motivational characteristics.
• How you add value to your group.
• Your personal growth areas.

Module 4: Your Communication Style.
• How you should communicate with other personality types.
• Your communication style under different circumstances.

Module 5: Your Strength Style.
• PowerDISC -Your strength in leadership.

Module 6: Your Work Style.
• Your workplace professional style.
• Tips for your workplace professional style.

Module 7: Exercises & Action Plans
• Improving your interpersonal skills.
• Application of DISC in
o Recruitment & Selection.
o Leadership development.
o Interpersonal relationships.
o Communication.
o Conflict resolution.


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Toh started his career in 1977 as a police inspector with the Royal Malaysian Police.
He subsequently joined the private sector in 1991 as a security manager before taking up the role as a human resources manager in 1995. Since then, he has headed the human resource and administration department of various public listed companies.

Toh developed his passion for public speaking and training when he was invited to speak in a conference in 2004. Since then, he has conducted numerous in-house training programs, public training programs and has chaired/spoken at various public conferences & seminars. He also speaks in various seminars organized by various State Industrial Relations Departments and State Labour Departments.

Toh was the facilitator for the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management’s (MIHRM) Certificate in Human Resource Management (CHRM) and Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM) programs (Employment Act module, Industrial Relations Act module and Trade Unions Act module) from 2007 to 2011.


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