[Puchong, New] Formal Analysis on Evaluating Major Purchase or Project
Course Information
  • 14-Apr-2023
  • CPD Academy, Rio Puchong
  • Agee Lee
  • English
  • RM 780 RM 720
    Until 08 Apr 2023
  • 8:30am - 4:30pm



Not all business owners are trained in accounting, and some have difficulty understating the financial statements when their accountants’ hand them the reports. The same might apply for business plan and feasibility study.

But often they are confronted with numerous major decisions to commit their money to secure a major purchase or to launch a new project. Without a sound ability to evalu- ate, they might have problem to gauge the cashflow, and hence convince a banker.

In this course, the trainer demonstrates the accounting tools used to prioritize purchases or investments using various known financial tools. Special attention is also paid to explaining financial liquidity, solvency, gearing, leveraging & others.




• Be objective to decide the right time for making investment

• Analyze major purchase decision involving prediction & estimates

• Concentrate on those with least risk, but combined with greatest potential


• Use financial analysis tools to determine whether project makes sense • Wise to consider costs under all reasonable alternatives

• Formal way to evaluate costs or benefits that a major purchase/project

will bring

• Planning to take out a loan, a good way to compare options is to do a

NPV analysis of cash flow

• May need to undertake a fairly detailed financial analysis





• Questions and Answers

• Case Exercises and Studies

• Case Illustrations on Sampled Models • Presentation Notes





• Credit Officer

• Manager

• Accountant

• Financial Controller 

• General Manager

• Contractors

• Developers


• Directors




Date:   14 April 2023 (Fri)

Time:   8.30am – 4.30pm***

Mode:  Online/ Interactive

Level:  Intermediate

Language:  English


Fee:   [HRDF Claimable]


    -  Early Bird Offer (before 24 Mac 2023)    –    RM660

    -  Special Offer (before 8 Apr 2023)    –    RM720

    -  Normal Price   –    RM780


Group Registration:

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* Revised Timetable during Ramadan. ** Over 7 hours learning (fulfil HRD Corp’s Requirement)


>> Fee includes Course Notes, Certificate of Completion and 6% Service Tax.


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8.15am – 8.30am        Registration


8.30am – 9.30am        1.0 Deciding to Make A Major Purchase

• What is a major purchase?

• Deciding between competing projects • Projects without a financial payoff

• Steps to making your decision

• What are the business benefits?

• Revenues & costs

• Less tangible benefits

• Decide of project details


9.30am – 10.15am      2.0 What Are The Costs of A Project?

• Identify all procurement alternatives 

• Identify hidden costs

• Develop a cash flow statement


10.15am – 10.25am    Morning Tea Break


10.25am – 11.15am    3.0 Financial Analysis of Major Projects

• Payback Period Analysis (“PPA”)

• Accounting Rate of Return (“ARR”) 

• Net Present Value (“NPV”)

• Internal Rate of Return (“IRR”)

• Which method is best?


11.15am – 12.00pm    4.0 Time Value of Money

• Future value

• Present value

• Discounting

• Net present value

• Internal rate of return

• Read the table

• Case Study: Purchasing a Condominium 

• Case Study: Wealth Accumulation


12.00pm – 12.40pm     Lunch Break


12.40pm – 1.25pm       5.0 Implementing A Major Purchase or Project

• Should buy or lease?

• Tips for financing major purchase 

• Compare NPV of loan payments 

• Negotiate payment schedule


1.25pm – 2.10pm       6.0 Preparation of A Detailed Financial Analysis

• Financial Statements

• Business Ratio

• Cost/ Volume/ Profit Analysis

• Income Statement

• Balance Sheet

• Position Statement

• Statement of Changes in Owners’ Equity 

• Common Size Financial Statement


2.10pm – 2.20pm       Afternoon Tea Break


2.20pm – 3.10pm       7.0 Limitation of A Financial Statement

• Balance sheet 

• Assets

• Liabilities

• Fixed Assets 

• Equity

• Using Balance Sheet Data

• Using Income Statement Data


3.10pm – 4.15pm       8.0 Example - Glove Manufacturers


4.15pm – 4.30pm      Recap, Questions and Answers





HRDF Certified Trainer 

Consultant/ Experienced Ex-Banker


Agee Lee has more than 22 years of experience in the commercial banking in Malaysia and has worked in Malayan Banking Berhad and seconded to Kwong Yik Bank Berhad in 1980 to set up a Legal Documentation Department.

He started as a trainee officer moving up to Branch Manager, Loan Manager managing Corporate and Commercial Loans and finally as Head of Loan Recovery Division bringing down NPLs to RM65m from RM800m. He also worked in a property development company, then constructing a condominium and Nilai 3, for 2 years, and involved in a manufacturing company before working for 2 years in a construction company, executing federal contracts on roads, schools and colleges, in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Besides marketing and approving the commercial loans, he was instrumental in setting up the Loan Recovery Section supervising about RM1.9b NPLs and was involved in structuring loans and lecturing modules on debt collecting and legal documentation on securities for 13 years. His last appointment was with Hong Leong Bank Berhad in 2003/4 as Head of Remedial Management Department.

Agee Lee holds Honours Degree in Economics (major in Business Administration) from Universiti Malaya, Associate of Institute of Bankers (London), Diploma in Marketing Manage- ment (NPC) and Certificate in Financial Planning (MII).

He is now a Training Consultant for IBBM, MIA and Banks in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. Currently he has been giving talks on practical topics that will boost skills and confidence of participants. 





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