[Puchong, 2-Day] Managing Cashflow of Growing Businesses
Course Information
  • 26-Apr-2023
  • CPD Academy, Rio Puchong
  • Winson Han
  • English
  • RM 1280
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm

A common phrase in business is “Is your company growing ...... broke”. This is a scenario for many companies where sales are growing, profit is increasing but cash appears to be absent or non-existent. 

The presence of Cash flow or the lack of it is an outcome of the day-to-day operations. Business strategies are usually formulated and executed based on the business objectives such as profit, sales and growth. It is not uncommon that the adequacy of funding and cash flow are not given the focus that it deserves. As a result, companies often suffer bouts of financial distress from a hitch in its operations to severe disruption due to severe shortage of funds.

Companies should consider switching their strategy to one where cash flow is emphasized and how funding can be effectively and efficient used to maximize growth (sales) and profitability without compromis- ing financial stability. 

This program will give participants a comprehensive understanding of the importance of cash, the critical role played by working capital, the common causes of financial distress, learn to prepare a cash flow budget and identifying areas for improving cash inflow and reducing cash out flow. Participant will also learn the critical skill in forecasting and identify and use the hidden levers of cash flow; and apply such skills and methodologies to do proper cash flow planning, effective management of cash resources and to avert financial crisis in the future. 




• Learn to identify the signs and symptoms of a company in financial (liquidity) distress. 

• Know the impact and implication of the lack or absence of liquidity on the on profitability, growth and financial stability of the company. 

• Identify the key financial indicators and use them to detect weaknesses in the business. 

• Learn to use cash flow as a strategy to improve profitability and growth.
• Know and understand the common root causes that contribute to the such a situation and how to avoid them in the future.
• Learn to identify and use the 7 levers of cash flow to enhance cash inflow by creating additional cash flow; or to eliminate / reduce cash outflow.
• Learn to set up the relevant financial indicators and use them to monitor the profitability, growth and financial stability.
• Learn the skills and methodologies to plan and project cash flow through the preparation of the Master Cash Budget and the relevant supporting budgets. 




Participants are required to bring along a laptop equipped with MS Excel to participate in working out the budget and case studies. A sample template incorporating the Hidden Levers, Master Budget and supporting budgets will be given to participants at the seminar. 




Accountants, Accounts Executives and Personnel 

Business and Operations Managers and Executives 

Business Owners / Company Directors 

Entrepreneurs and Professionals 

Anyone who is responsible for and/ or involved in managing cash 

and cash flow 





Date :     26-27 April 2023 (Wed-Thu)

Time :     9.00am - 5.00pm

Venue:   CPD Academy, Rio Puchong


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- Fee     -      RM 1280


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Module 1 - The 3 Key Financial Statements 

• Structure and content of financial statements
• Income Statement – Understanding turnover and profitability 

• Balance sheet – Source of Funding and Application (Assets)
• Cash Flow Statement - Generation and utilization of cash flow 


Module 2 - Key Financial Indicators 

• Profitability – GPM, ROS and ROE
• Liquidity – Current & Quick Asset
• Solvency – Debt/Equity & Debt Ratios
• Mgt efficiency – ROA, DSO, DPO and DIO • Cash Flow – FCF and CFA 

(Case study – analyzing and identifying the key indicators of a PLC) 


Module 3 - Common Myths and Misconception 

• Sales is vanity, Profit is sanity and Cash is King
• Dispelling Common Myths and Misconceptions
• Signs and Symptoms of Financial Distress / Frauds 

(Case study on “Growing Broke”) 



Module 4 - Working Capital and Cash Flow 

• Working Capital and Liquidity
• Funding Gap & Business Activity Cycle
• Managing Inventory, Accounts Receivable and Payable 

• Role of Credit Control in cash flow 

(Case Study on Funding Gap / Business Activity Cycle) 


Module 5 - Cash Flow Planning, Projection & Preparation 

• An overview of budgeting
• Situational Analysis
• Validating Assumptions
• Forecasting Cash Inflow and Cash Outflow
• Doing up the Master Budget and supporting budgets 

(A comprehensive exercise on constructing the key and supporting budgets) 


Module 6 - The Hidden Levers of Cash Flow 

• Understanding a cash flow situation
• Understanding Cost and Cash Outflow.
• Increasing the Inflow and Reducing the outflow
• Creating a cash (contingency) reserve
• Identifying and using the hidden key levers of cash flow 

(A simulation exercise on the use of the hidden key levers to turn around a cash flow crisis sickened company) 






- Chartered Accountant, Consultant, HRDF Certified Trainer


Winson is a Chartered Accountant by profession and has over 30 years of experience having served in various roles as practicing accountant, company secretary, financial controller and management consultant.

He presently consults and advises companies to better manage their businesses through an integrated process covering strategic planning; tactical design, planning (financial and otherwise) and implementation; and monitoring, review and analysis. A key focus of his consultancy is to help clients to better manage and utilize their cash resources and to restore a financially sickened company to good health.

Besides consulting, Mr. Han is also actively involved in conducting public and in-house seminars targeting the non-financial audience in financial management and analysis, financial planning & budgeting, cost management, SST/GST and credit and cash flow management. He is a PSMB (HRDF) certified trainer and holds a degree in commerce from New Zealand and is a member of the newly merged institute known as “Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand” and Malaysian Institute of Accountants. 




Email: yes@sst2u.com


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